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Federal Employees Retirement System

FERS Retirement Benefits

Many employees struggle to nail down exactly what FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System) includes, what the rules are and how much it will cost them.  We all know how time consuming it is to track down information and then set about understanding it—all the while working a demanding day.  When we hear about retirement, we hang on every word hoping to be able to piece together the information.

As a FERS employee, you have 7 distinct retirement benefits to help you retire comfortably!  It’s helpful to think of the benefits in terms of what they do for you in retirement.  The first three benefits are income-based, which means money in your pocket.  The next four benefits are insurance-based, which means “rainy day” protection for you and your family.  Each benefit is subject to eligibility requirements.

We help FERS employees to get ready for retirement with our proprietary process called The Key2Retire Formula®. It's future-focused and founded in a holistic, common-sense financial approach. Request a complimentary, no-obligation appointment to learn more.


FERS Pension


This income benefit provides you with a monthly check that lasts a lifetime in retirement, with an optional benefit for your spouse if you pass away first. Subject to eligibility rules.

Social Security Benefit


This retirement income benefit provides you with a monthly check that lasts a lifetime, with an optional benefit for your spouse if you pass away first. Flexible start time allows you to use strategies to get more money. Subject to eligibility rules.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)


This retirement benefit is a long-term savings plan designed to provide income in retirement. Income tax breaks available now (Traditional) or later (Roth).  Diversified investments to choose from.

Federal Employee Health Benefit


This insurance benefit provides health insurance coverage for you, your spouse, and eligible
children in retirement.  Subject to eligibility rules.

Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program


This insurance benefit provides dental and vision for you,
your spouse, and eligible
children in retirement.  Subject to eligibility rules.

Federal Employees Group Life Insurance


This insurance benefit provides life insurance for you, your spouse, and eligible children.  Flexible choices to suit your needs.  Subject to eligibility rules.

Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program


This insurance benefit provides long-term care insurance
for you, your spouse, and
eligible family members.
You can take existing
coverage with you into
retirement; or apply for
coverage after you retire.  Subject to eligibility rules.

Would you like help with your FERS Retirement?

Do you need help with figuring out which FERS benefits are best in your scenario?  Would you like to understand your TSP retirement options with greater clarity?  Are you concerned about making the wrong decision?

We can help.  Our proprietary three-step process helps FERS employees get their retirement planned so they can have a strong finish.  Request a complimentary, no-obligation appointment to learn how The Key2Retire Formula® can help you today.

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